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Veterinary Diagnostics in Arlington

Diagnostic Technology for Your Pet’s Health

Diagnostic testing can tell us a lot about your pet’s health that your pet can’t tell us themselves. Pets can be really good about hiding when they’re feeling under the weather, but the highly trained veterinary team at Arlington Pet Care Hospital is here to get your pet back on the road to good health. We use a variety of diagnostic tools to help us better understand their health and to determine the correct treatment plan for their ailments.

We use the latest diagnostic tools to monitor your pet’s health as part of our regular preventative care plans. When we are able to understand your pet’s normal baseline of health, it is easier for us to identify any deviations. This means we can keep an eye on your pet’s wellbeing to ensure they’re living their happiest, healthiest life.

Call (817) 587-8874 to make an appointment for your pet’s next physical exam. Our diagnostic technology will help illuminate your pet’s health.

Diagnostic Testing at Arlington Pet Care Hospital

We are proud to be an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) accredited hospital with a suite of diagnostic services available to the pets and families of our community. We use these tools throughout your pet’s life, not only when they’re injured or ill. When you bring your pet in for a regular physical exam, we may suggest some diagnostic testing, such as laboratory testing, to get a fuller picture of your pet’s current health.

Diagnostic services available at Arlington Pet Care Hospital include:

  • Laboratory testing
  • X-rays
  • Ultrasounds

In addition to the diagnostic services listed above, we have the ability to run other diagnostic tests so that no matter what your pet might be suffering from, we will be able to find a cause and prescribe treatment.

Our In-House Laboratory

We are pleased to offer an in-house laboratory which enables us to run our own blood tests, fecal checks, and urinalyses. This means that we’ll be able to get you answers fast. A lot of the tests that we run when your pet is feeling ill are the same tests that we would run during your pet’s regular wellness exam. We can then compare the results of your pet’s regular testing with the samples from your sick pet to more quickly identify what might be ailing them. Our top priority is getting your pet treated as quickly and effectively as possible!

Radiology Testing in Arlington

Our Arlington veterinary team also has both x-ray and ultrasound imaging at their disposal. We use radiological imaging to see beyond your pet’s fur or feathers to get a look at what’s going on with their bones and organs. These images can help us clarify other laboratory results. Radiological imaging is non-invasive and pain-free and can help us pinpoint your pet’s health issue faster than by observing with the naked eye.

If you have questions about our diagnostic services, please give us a call at (817) 587-8874 or contact us online!

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    “My first visit to Pet Care was for teeth cleaning for Lola. Dr. Miller and his staff are so thorough, gentle, and kind. Since the cleaning she had a back injury. l highly recommend this Pet Hospital if you need one for your pet.”

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    “As always the folks here are wonderful to our three girls; 2 greyhounds and a 13yr old golden retriever. The groomer did a great job giving our golden some much needed relief from Texas summer heat. Thank You!!!”

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