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Arlington Pet Care Hospital

Chiropractic Therapy

Veterinary chiropractic care (a.k.a. veterinary orthopedic manipulation) is the practice of manipulating the spine to treat a disease.


Veterinary chiropractic care is the holistic practice of manipulating the spine in order to treat a disease. It is most often performed on dogs, horses, and cats, however, it can theoretically be performed on any vertebrate species.

Why should I consider chiropractic therapy for my pet?

Common conditions that can be treated with chiropractic care for your pets are neurological or biomechanical conditions, which include diseases like hip dysplasia and spondylosis, cervical instability, acute neck pain, intervertebral disk disease, autonomic nervous system problems (urinary and fecal incontinence), musculoskeletal weakness, and chronic pain.

How is my pet cared for during chiropractic therapy?

Once your pet has gone through an initial evaluation, your veterinarian will determine a course of treatment to follow. The initial evaluation will include a thorough look at your pet’s medical history, a physical exam, and potentially x-rays to look for underlying issues.

Your pet should not experience any pain during an adjustment. At most, your pet may experience some light discomfort but they may also show signs of relief from the pain as soon as your doctor starts to work on them.

In most cases, your pet will need to have a series of short appointments and adjustments to address the problems they are experiencing.